Short-term Respite Care – Providing Beneficial Relief

Short-term Respite Care

Hazel L. Carpenter Adult Home • Short-term Respite Care

Our Respite Care Program offers short-term relief to family members and other home-based caregivers who need to take some time for themselves.

Our Short-term Respite Care* provides temporary non-medical relief for caregivers and family members caring for older adults.

The Hazel L. Carpenter Adult Home offers short-term Respite Care available for those who need to be away for a period of time.  Short-term Respite Care can be used for as little as a few days or up to one month. During their stay with us, guests receive our full range of services  while families and caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their family member is cared for in a safe, comfortable, supportive environment.

Many people provide assistance each year to elderly family, friends, and neighbors helping them remain in their own homes  for as long as possible. Sometimes these caregivers need time off to relax or take care of other responsibilities. This is where our respite care can be helpful. It provides caregivers with the break they need. It also ensures that their elderly loved one is still receiving the attention that he or she needs.

Short visits or Respite Care at senior living communities are much more affordable than hiring a 24/7 home health aide, reports the USA Today. Both seniors and their caregivers are reaping the rewards. To learn more about short-term relief click here.

Contact us for more respite care information, rates, availability or to schedule a personal assessment. The caring staff at The Hazel L. Carpenter Adult Home can answer your questions about how our respite care program can meet your individual needs.

*Participants in our short-term respite program must qualify for Adult Home Level of services. Contact us for more information at (315) 363-1470