Enriched Living – A Resident-Driven Philosophy

As a resident at The Hazel L. Carpenter, the choice is yours to take advantage of the numerous life enrichment opportunities.

When new residents come into our home, our first “activity” is to sit down with them and let them know how glad we are that they have chosen to be a part of our family.

It is here that the focus on life enrichment begins.
Your loved ones need to feel a connection to someone who knows them, and who is interested in their lives. They want to know someone who is excited to hear the wonderful stories that each of them brings to the table. Our objective through this first activity is to build a foundation, ensuring future friendships and connections are that much easier.

Life enrichment is viable for all residents.
Regardless of their stage in life, it’s important to have friends. Here at The Hazel L. Carpenter Adult Home this is no different. While a full activities calendar is important, the socialization between residents is the critical component.

Resident-Driven Philosophy
We encourage resident suggestions and contributions to keep our enrichment programs fresh and innovative as we empower them to continue to grow, connect, move and create at their own pace. It is this continual growth of trust, friendships and community that serves as the basis for life enrichment.

We invite you to view some of our resident activities on our Facebook page. If you have more questions or would like to schedule a date for your loved one to join in the fun contact our administrator, Betty Lyboult at (315) 363-1470 or use our online contact form.